October 11th, 2017

Two Unexpected Outcomes from Biometric Authentication Deployment

Throughout our company history, BIO-key has provided advanced biometric technologies to strengthen the online security platforms for enterprise customers in a wide array of industries. Our commercial footprint launched by supporting government projects such as the FBI's Next Generation ID program, and has grown vastly since those early days. Today BIO-key's authentication platforms are being utilized in healthcare, education, retail, utilities, manufacturing, banking, insurance, and of course domestic and international government.

Broad Biometric Footprint & Lessons Learned

Recently, we learned about two noteworthy outcomes from our customers. When conducting our reviews with our customers, our expectation is that they will comment on how BIO-key has improved their organization's online security, they threw us a curveball. That's right, when we asked that all important question we ask every customer "What's the most valuable thing BIO-key did for your organization?" We were surprised by their responses.

During the past few years the most popular responses were:

  • "BIO-key helped us reduce the risk of online fraud."
  • "BIO-key helped us meet the compliance requirements for multi-factor authentication."
  • "BIO-key helped us reduce our reliance on passwords."

Now, don't get us wrong, we're thrilled to know that our customers found distinct value in our solutions, but the recent trend of responses has been eye-opening and include:

"BIO-key gave me job security! I had to convince several members of our Board of Directors that adding biometric authentication would benefit the organization. After some debate they came to agreement. Just recently, the subject came up during my performance review and they took note to applaud my decision to implement the technology." - CEO, Financial Services

"BIO-key saved us a ton of money! When we purchased the technology, it was to replace a cumbersome authentication method and we knew that it would require an investment. When our auditors measured the cost of the transition, surprisingly we learned that BIO-key was less expensive than the incumbent solution. We always expected that we would pay more for biometric technology." - CISO, Healthcare

Actually, we expect to hear more of the same moving forward. C-Level executives are being held accountable for the organizations online security strategy. Gone are the days when CEO's had a sole focus – profitability; welcome to today's far more complex world of balancing profits and security. From this point forward, virtually, every CEO will have to keep security strategies high on their priority list, for it will be part of their performance evaluation and dictate their job security. We are witnessing this today, as sound business executives are having entire careers impacted based upon misjudging the security challenge.

Additionally, as we've seen across the industry, the cost of entry has come down. Hardware costs have reduced by 20-50% and software is being sold as a SaaS solution vastly reducing the per user cost.

In summation, BIO-key is excited that two new benefits of deploying our technology have emerged and we look forward to future customers teaching us more lessons about how BIO-key helped their organization secure their online world.

Scott Mahnken

VP Marketing