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BIO-key WEB-key

WEB-key is BIO-key’s core fingerprint scanner software engine delivering unique multimodal authentication options to customers. Once the WEB-key SDK is installed, you have a one-stop shop for authentication using a fingerprint biometric, proximity card, knowledge-based challenge response questions or one-time password (OTP).

WEB-key fits any place in the workflow where authentication is required. Users authenticate in the Cloud or on any intranet or extranet, from any location in less than a second. WEB-key can strengthen security and privacy, fully address your regulatory requirements for advanced authentication and improve user satisfaction and efficiency.

Using BIO-key's exclusive biometric algorithm, Vector Segment Technology™ (VST), our fingerprint scanner software captures more data than any other biometric authentication software and assures the accurate identification of registered users. The key measure of any authentication method is the false acceptance rate (FAR) - the likelihood of erroneous authentication. In independently-verified NIST testing, VST exceeded the U.S federal government's FAR standard by a factor of 10 - or less than one in 10,000.

WEB-key is organized as a set of flexible services, administrative tools and connecting APIs that can be deployed to interface with the target solution's business logic and needs. It also includes a complete software developer's kit (SDK) with sample applications, installation guides and expert support from BIO-key. When deployed, the WEB-key service oriented architecture (SOA) includes:

BIO-key WEB-key flow diagram

Client Browser Plug-in: Provides user interface on the user device, image retrieval from the reader, creation of the template, and device-level security.

Application Server Plug-in: Manages communications between attached client devices and the WEB-key Authentication Server. The plug-in can be placed on any number of servers at any number of locations, allowing secure access control across the enterprise.

WEB-key Authentication Server: Performs all back-end functions involved in enrolling and authenticating users, including the VST matching, and image storage. The Server can reside at any location, making it ideal for Cloud-based solutions.

Key Benefits

  • More accurate user authentication with fingerprint biometrics
  • Faster and more convenient than passwords
  • Complete SDK for rapid implementation
  • Solution integration for a seamless user experience
  • FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI and SOX-compliant advanced authentication

Key Functionality

  • Intuitive graphical interface for quick, easy enrollment and authentication
  • Unique 30+ level fingerprint image enhancement filters guaranteeing both low false match and false reject rates
  • Capable of storing hundreds of millions of fingerprints and handling a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous authentication requests
  • Use on workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones with standard browsers


  • Highest independently tested and verified NIST scores for fingerprint identification speed and accuracy
  • Scalable to user populations of any size and in any number of locations
  • Plug-and-play support for virtually all fingerprint readers from every major manufacturer
  • Reader interoperability so a user can enroll on one device and authenticate on any other device in any authorized location or facility
  • Ongoing support from a partner with 20 years of biometric experience

Supported Environments

  • Databases
    Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL Enterprise, Sybase, and IBM DB2
  • App Servers
    Apache TomCat, JBoss, IIS, WebLogic, WebSphere, Cold Fusion, and many more
  • Interfaces
    .NET, COM, Java
  • End User Devices
    Windows PCs and terminals, Dell Windows terminals, Windows, Apple iOS and selected Android tablets